# Credits

  • Supported version: 0.6.5

No good guide is made by one man, here's credit to those who've helped out:

  • vit9696
    • One of many developers of OpenCore
    • Corrections to the original guide
    • Corrections to this guide...(seriously this man deserves a medal)
  • CorpNewt
    • Heavily inspiring this guide(if not a rip off) and helping overall with questions and advice
    • Spoof SSDT source
  • Midi
    • Corrections and recommendations for the guide
  • AlGrey#9303
    • AMD Kernel patches
  • NoOne/IOIIIO
    • For the original AMD Vanilla Guide
    • Corrections to AMD portion of the guide
  • DhinakG
    • Random guide related stuff
  • Khronokernel
    • For both writing and maintaining the guide
  • and the rest of the dortania team for helping out

And to the rest who've helped out as well, thank you!

Developers of OpenCore:

Guides linked or those that inspired this guide:

And for those who have recommendations or issues with this guide, you can find the GitHub repo for this site here.